7-8 June 2017, Nairobi, Kenya


Sam Turbitt

Social Media Manager

Social media expert for European based affiliate marketers Catena Media. I manage a number of large social media accounts, across channels such as facebook, twitter, youtube, google+ and more. Experienced in building brands and reaching and acquiring new customers in the gambling industry specifically across the United Kingdom. The UK market is extremely competitive but social channels allow us to reach a new audience and interact much closer with potential customers, this allows us to target much more carefully to develop long term value in our customers. The key to our success has been achieved through a combination of clever branding, marketing, good customer service, liaising with bookmakers, targeted adverts, and earning the trust of the UK market.

I have 4 years of experience working in the gambling and affiliate industry, and understand the mindset of our audience, more importantly how to convert them into quality customers long term. Engaging with my audience and providing quality customer service has always been the leading factor to my success as an affiliate marketer. Understanding the industry and being efficient in dealing with queries is the key to building a trusted brand. My methods ensure that we make full use of our audience, and that our social presence increases organically thus growing brand reach. Following on from this we also use paid advertising and run regular campaigns to attract new customers. Through specific targeting and analysing we have discovered a formula that has brought significant increases to our customer conversion rate.